school was never

This much fun...

Welcome everyone, class is in session! First, meet your hosts and instructors, husband and wife duo Chefs Dario and Amanda, while sampling some classic Peruvian munchies in the elegant salon of Lima Restaurant, which has been privately reserved for your party. Experience a hands-on, completely interactive course as Chef Dario teaches you step by step how to prepare the best, freshest Grouper ceviche you have ever tried. As your tastebuds are celebrating, Amanda will take over and walk you through the process of crafting the perfect Pisco Sour - the national cocktail of Peru. Taste and toast with the best flavors of South America - you will never have a lunch like this anywhere else!


What else you should know

Please alert us if you have any allergies or dietary restrictions. Only those who are 21 years or older may participate in the cocktail class. Under 21 will have non-alcoholic beverage options.


What is provided:

Grouper Ceviche 

Pisco Sour

All necessary ingredients and equipment for meal and drink prep


Peruvian Ceviche and Pisco Sour Master Class