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Welcome to Lima!

We are Dario and Amanda Gonzalez Zuniga 


"I was born and raised in Lima, Perú. I grew up eating everything, from wholesome, home-cooked meals with fresh produce from the market to chicken butchered the same morning. Everything cooked in the Peruvian tradition of embracing spices, chili, and using every part of the animal. I would visit my grandmother on Sundays and watch her make pasta, rolling the dough out with an empty wine bottle. I always loved food, and the idea that it would bring  families together.

When I was 17, I told my parents I wanted to study culinary and it was a shock for them.  My mother was a business woman and hoped I would pursue something more traditional.  That's the reason why I ended up studying and  graduating from the University of Lima with a degree in Marketing. After graduation, I was hired for a "dream job" in a renowned international company in Lima, but one afternoon I found myself sitting on the beach watching the waves, having one of those moments of deep introspection and I realized that if I didn't follow my passion now, years would pass by and I would always wonder "What if...?" so I quit my job and decided to enroll in Le Cordon Bleu, where I acquired the skills of cuisine and patisserie.


Before and after graduation I worked in pastry and savory in many places including Lima, Peru, Ottawa, Canada and Atlanta, Georgia.  In Georgia I met my wife, Amanda."


"I'm from a small town in Georgia with two traffic lights, a far cry from a capital city like Lima! I graduated from the University of Georgia where I studied theater.  When I met Dario, I was working as a zombie on AMC's The Walking Dead, eating people professionally, as well as doing live theater, playing guitar as a singer songwriter, and working as a voice over artist. I was always drawn to creative expression that let me connect with people.  After meeting Dario in Atlanta, we traveled to Lima together where Dario introduced me to Peruvian cuisine, and I fell in love with the country, culture, and the man himself.  We were married three months after our first date! 

Our paths brought us to Naples, Florida, and here we found a place to realize our goal of opening our own restaurant together - Lima Restaurant and Pisco Bar, which we did in May of 2016, and our goal of starting our family, which we did in January 2019 with the birth of our daughter. Taking charge of the bar, dreaming up pisco cocktails, and interacting with our customers has come naturally to me, and being a mother to our little girl is the "role" of a lifetime that I was always waiting for!"

Lima, Peru is the gastronomical capital of the Americas, and the goal of Lima Restaurant and Pisco Bar is to transmit that excitement and culinary creativity to Naples.  With a menu that reflects many aspects of the vibrant Peruvian culture, from traditional flavors to modern cuisine, they all come together under one roof to provide a unique dining experience.

Hand made


Try one of our dishes featuring hand rolled pasta - the perfect accompaniment to our Peruvian flavors.